Friday, July 22, 2011


HERE is one of MY favorite songs.

Are YOU having a bad hair day?!?

Need some hair love? Call me and lets get you looking pretty!

Friday, July 8, 2011

i want. i need.

summer love

So one year ago last week i met this really amazing guy and it was LOVE at first sight! (so cheesy and sooo cliche, but ask my good friend Weslie).. i can't believe its been a year already! Time def flys when you're having fun! I'm so happy i met this guy and can't say enough great things about him! He makes life just that much more exciting! i love him with all my heart! Love ya Shane!

This time of year is my absolute favorite! i mean who doesn't like to spend all day in their swim suits, eating watermelon, watching fire works/parades, seeing hot air balloons, attending weddings, camping and going on vacations to the beach?


Stayed in Park City for the 4th! I highly suggest this hotel if you are looking to have a fun weekend or even a relaxing one! There is sooo much to do up there, and so many things to see! We went shopping, played card games, frisbee, and in the pool, watched the olymians practice jumps, movies, fireworks, and even let off a few of our own. Went to the fair on Main, ate at Red Rock and watched as people went for rides on the Gondola.


The Beach Boys were in town last weekend. So Shane and I had the opportunity to go see them! It was killer! Every single song they played was a hit! I couldn't believe how many kids, teens, parents and grandparents were dancing and singing along! It was prob the funnest concert ever! Oh, and i also got to meet Mike Love (the main singer) and got his autograph for my dad, of course!